Tuesday, 5 January 2016


                On October 30, 2015, we celebrated our very first Halloween in school. It was called “Hell-O-Spook”. On that day we had several activities.

                Several days before the event, each section decorated its classroom for the best decorated classroom competition. Each class decided on its own unique theme. On the day of the event, everyone arrived in school in his/her Halloween costume. It was spectacular because all dressed up according to their class’ theme. In the morning of the event, there were evaluators who went to each class to judge the best decorated class. While the evaluation was going on, the grade 9 students were kept busy by the preparation of their food and drinks kiosks, their business studies project. However, the other grades studied as usual. It was successful because the lower grades and the teachers supported the grade 9 students by buying their products.

                After our religious service, all of us gathered in the lobby, after that we went to the lecture room, where the Halloween party was held. At the party, there were games, awarding ceremony, and talent show. Each class had its own representatives for the talent show. For the talent show they had to show their talents, such as singing or playing musical instruments. Awards had been given to the section which had the best decorated classroom, to the student who had the best costume, who showed the best talent, and etc.

By: Tamara

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