Friday, 4 September 2015

Our Activities So Far..

            During the first day, our teacher told us to write an essay about last school year which included our comments, likes and dislikes, and our expectations. So far our activities have been simple. Small things such as making essay about last school year, our expectations, doing worksheet about grammar, discussing in groups of  two or three about what we thought of the word “island”.
            Supposed, we worked in pairs, but since one of our friends left, we became 7, and we were uneven. Bastian worked with Robin; Vianca worked with Tamara; and the rest, who were Elvira, Grace and Thea, worked together. We made a mind map about what we thought about the word island” and then, we presented it in front of the class.
            Next, EFL Grade 9 was given a lecture about our first topic which was skimming and scanning. In our first topic, Mr. MB taught us the definitions, examples, criteria, how to use it, the functions of skimming and scanning. Then, he gave us a simple oral example, where we should answer the questions from a link that he presented using his laptop. In the next meeting, he gave us a small piece of paper for a pop quiz about skimming and scanning. For those who really understood the topic, they could answer them easily.
            Throughout the works we had finished, we learned something useful. Like in our first topic which is skimming and scanning, we learned that whenever we are given short passages or article, as especially when we are in college, we should try to use those methods. Even though we had limited time, we would still be able to understand the main idea of the text.
            So far, the first three weeks have been great. We enjoy every single meeting. We expect interesting new lessons and an assuring teacher, so that we will enjoy being in the EFL class forever without any burdens.


By: Tamara, Thea, Bastian

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