Friday, 4 September 2015

Thrills and Chills

This is our 2nd blog for the semester. So far our activities in EFL class have been so-so and there was no thrills. We occasionally talked with each other in between classworks and that's where we found thrills. Sometimes our teacher Mr.MB would also join the chat and chat with us. He said that if we speak in Bahasa Indonesia in his class, the said person would have to bring martabak to class and that was thrilling. Another thrill is that Mr.MB asks each student to write, define and use a word in a sentence, called Word For The Day. We usually crack jokes around with the words. We also have fun when we discuss our classwork where we would either laugh at funny answers or joke around with the answers. Sometimes instead of discussing answers we just talk about irrelevant topics which usually irks Mr.MB. Recently we just had a quiz and we had the chance to talk about each of our answers.
Sometimes Mr.MB would pair us up and we would end up chatting instead of finishing the work itself, which you can say is a habit of us. Everytime we talk, it's always fun. But (there's always a but), sometimes when we talked too loud or we did not complete our task, Mr.MB would redirect us and  that's when we know he's being serious. There isn't really a lot of thrills in the activities itself actually. Well I guess that's because none of us that's what we get in EFL. Nevertheless, I'm grateful that I'm in EFL.
I hope we will have more activities that would make the class more fun/thrilling. Perhaps one way is to discuss or read the new novel that we got because we are excited to read it since we have gotten it. That is all for this, thank you for reading and see you next time!

By: Bastian

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